Friday, 25 May 2012

Charlotte's time at KCS

I’m Charlotte and I have spent the past three weeks here at KCS completing what my university (Canterbury Christ Church) call an ‘alternative placement’, where by we are given the opportunity to find our own placement in an alternative educational environment. I chose KCS because the mission they have is one very close to my heart and I hoped to learn a lot more about how to integrate this in to classroom life when I graduate university and become a full time teacher. I’ve spent the past three weeks here at The Kids Cookery School and have had a wonderful time; we have had various groups in as well as a couple of birthday parties! In my time here I have assisted in the kitchen and teaching, this experience has been so fulfilling. Teaching children and watching them learn new skills as well as witnessing the excitement and pride they have when they eat something they have created has been a highlight! This experience has confirmed for me just how important teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating and indeed the skill of cooking is. Furthermore that not only is it an important life skill it can be so much fun! By introducing fun and colourful recipes that are low in salt and saturated fat allows the children to be excited about eating something they have created and that is healthy for them. All of the exciting and healthy recipes and ideas I have witnessed here at KCS will most defiantly be taken with me into my teaching career in the future.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sara's last couple weeks at KCS

As I come to the end of my internship at The Kid’s Cookery School, as well as my experience in London, I find myself reflecting on my time here. Last week was filled with Christmas specials, one by Alex Mackay, and the other led by Fiona, as well as my final trip to a school. The Christmas special with Alex Mackay was really special. Families came with their children and Alex led them through creating a great Christmas meal. The next day, Fiona worked with a group of special needs adults, most of whom attended the workshop the previous year, and made a great Christmas meal as well. Seeing how excited the adults were when they first arrived, followed by how proud they were of the food they made, was extremely amazing. They created a menu starting with a festive chicken dish with peppers, chestnuts and bacon, to mince pies. Friday we were in Cubitt Town Infant School and made a savoury rice dish with the students that they all really enjoyed making. My last few days here we have had Christmas courses during the day in The Kid’s Cookery School office. Throughout the courses we’ve been making numerous dishes. The past two days we have made a chicken dish with vegetables and chestnuts, a savoury rice, corn fritters, Christmas sables, chocolate chip cookies, and mince pies. The kid’s, as well as myself, have truly enjoyed the classes! In fact, I tried my first mince pie, and loved it!
During my time at The Kid’s Cookery School, I have learned so much and am truly grateful for the experience I was given.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sara is KCS's New Intern!

Hi Everyone! My name is Sara and I’m interning here at the Kid’s Cookery School three days a week for my last seven weeks here in London. I came to London to study abroad from the United States. At home, I attend American University in Washington, DC and am in my third year there. At American University, I am working to achieve a major in Psychology and a minor in Education Studies. After University, to reach my career goals, I am going to have to attend graduate school to receive even more degrees! In the future, I wish to become a guidance counsellor at the high school level, and throughout the weekends and summer, I would love to run a private practice in child counselling. Therefore, to reach this goal I need my master’s degree in school counselling with an additional certificate in private counselling.
Here in London, I am studying through a program called The Foundation for International Education (FIE). Although it isn’t a university itself, we take courses through the program about British culture. Additionally, all students at FIE have a student affiliation card with Imperial College and can therefore participate in their clubs and events.

A great benefit of studying abroad through FIE is that after submitting a CV to them, they arrange for us to have an internship throughout the second half of our semester here. I was extremely lucky, and got placed with The Kid’s Cookery School. A few days a week, I ride on the van with Fiona and Lee to assist with the cooking classes at various schools around London. So far, it’s been a really rewarding experience. Considering that I wish to work either in a school or in the non-profit sector relating to education, experiencing school systems in a country other than the US, is a valuable lesson.

So far, I’ve been to two different schools with KCS and each one has opened my eyes to something new. I think it’s extremely interesting to see how schools differ so much from one another. I can’t wait to continue on with the rest of my time here, there is so much more to learn. Keep posted to see how it’s going!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

'Be prepared'

‘Be prepared’ that’s what the boy scouts are all taught, and here at KSC we’re following their motto too. This week has been one of preparation - we’ve been making lists, scrubbing the floors, and generally making sure everything is shipshape for our half term classes which start at the end of next week (have a look at booking for cooking on our website for more details). We’ve also been planning and strategising about where we’re going to take the fantastic KCS on Wheels next. We’ve been awarded some very generous funding to take the van out and about round London to teach lots more kids about healthy eating and cooking delicious food. If you think we could come to your school or community centre then get in touch, send a quick note to, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Fortunately in amongst all this planning and preparation we did have the time to go and visit the lovely parents and children in Wandsworth who cooked up some delicious seasonal treats. We were delighted to hear that they’ve been making their own pizzas topped with masses of veg at home after their lesson in bread-making last week – and that they tasted fantastic - well done everyone we’ll see you next week!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The theme of the week...Pizza!

This week has been a busy week for The Kids Cookery School...

The theme of the week...Pizza!

KCS on Wheels has ventured to Wandsworth this week to work with a group of young mums at Somerset Childrens Centre in the London borough of Wandsworth, just over Battersea Bridge. This week is the first in a programme of 8 weeks where we spend time with young mothers teaching them how to cook fresh, delicious, simple recipes from scratch. The first workshop was great fun and everyone made their very own pizza from scratch, what a success it was! Next week we are going to be making some delicous teatime treats; stuffed jacket potatoes and fruit crumble...we are looking forward to it already.

We have also been working with Westbridge Primary School in Wandsworth. Similarly to Somerset Childrens Centre we are completing a programme of workshops teaching year 6 primary school children how to cook. We are also holding after school clubs for reception class children and their parents to join in the cookery fun!

As always it was wonderful to see such big smiles on the faces of both the children and adults as they leave the session with their own creation, rushing to get home and deavour the goodies!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Homemade Takeaway!

Last week we had been at Fairley House School (a school for children with dyslexia) in Pimlico. We spent 2 days working with the senior school students and a further day with the junior school. The menu for the day was Pizza from scratch, and all the kids had a really brilliant time creating their own masterpiece! Everyone left the session proud with their very own home made takeaway. We taught an incredible 160 children over the three days at Fairley House- Wow!

It is always amazing to see the Van in action. We arrived on site at Fairley House School and unloaded the kitchen units into the school hall. We set up the kitchen and delivered 4 one hour cookery classes in one school day! Now that is an achievement! After a successful day of pizza making we packed up all the wonderful pizza's in a special Kids Cookery School ‘Homemade takeaway’ bag ready for home time. I hope the parents got to see the master pieces before they were consumed!

So what will next week bring? Watch this Space!

Friday, 24 September 2010

The New Term Begins....with loads of Bread Rolls!

Having had a really good summer teaching hundreds of children over the long schools holidays, it was time for us to get out and about with the KCS Mobile kitchen!

So off we go again! We had a fab day at Yellow Umbrella Day on Sunday 19 September, a huge family event held at Chiswick Business Park! The weather was kind to us too- not a drop of rain to be seen! As one of the chosen charities to be supported at the event, we arrived with our unique KCS on Wheels ready to deliver hands on cookery on the plaza! Yes, in the outdoor's; ovens, handwash basin, dem unit, and even the kitchen sink. Parents signed their kids up to cook fresh delicous bread rolls from scratch using their own chosen ingredients to flavour the bread, like olives, rosemary, garlic and sundried tomatoes which was lots of fun. Everyone's bread rolls were so yummy and all hand made which was fantastic! All in all I think we could all say that the whole day was a great success having taught about 90 kids (and a few parents and adults along the way.)

So to those of you that came and supported The Kids Cookery School and enjoyed cooked with us thank you for coming. We hope to see you again soon!