Thursday, 14 October 2010

'Be prepared'

‘Be prepared’ that’s what the boy scouts are all taught, and here at KSC we’re following their motto too. This week has been one of preparation - we’ve been making lists, scrubbing the floors, and generally making sure everything is shipshape for our half term classes which start at the end of next week (have a look at booking for cooking on our website for more details). We’ve also been planning and strategising about where we’re going to take the fantastic KCS on Wheels next. We’ve been awarded some very generous funding to take the van out and about round London to teach lots more kids about healthy eating and cooking delicious food. If you think we could come to your school or community centre then get in touch, send a quick note to, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Fortunately in amongst all this planning and preparation we did have the time to go and visit the lovely parents and children in Wandsworth who cooked up some delicious seasonal treats. We were delighted to hear that they’ve been making their own pizzas topped with masses of veg at home after their lesson in bread-making last week – and that they tasted fantastic - well done everyone we’ll see you next week!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The theme of the week...Pizza!

This week has been a busy week for The Kids Cookery School...

The theme of the week...Pizza!

KCS on Wheels has ventured to Wandsworth this week to work with a group of young mums at Somerset Childrens Centre in the London borough of Wandsworth, just over Battersea Bridge. This week is the first in a programme of 8 weeks where we spend time with young mothers teaching them how to cook fresh, delicious, simple recipes from scratch. The first workshop was great fun and everyone made their very own pizza from scratch, what a success it was! Next week we are going to be making some delicous teatime treats; stuffed jacket potatoes and fruit crumble...we are looking forward to it already.

We have also been working with Westbridge Primary School in Wandsworth. Similarly to Somerset Childrens Centre we are completing a programme of workshops teaching year 6 primary school children how to cook. We are also holding after school clubs for reception class children and their parents to join in the cookery fun!

As always it was wonderful to see such big smiles on the faces of both the children and adults as they leave the session with their own creation, rushing to get home and deavour the goodies!