Friday, 25 May 2012

Charlotte's time at KCS

I’m Charlotte and I have spent the past three weeks here at KCS completing what my university (Canterbury Christ Church) call an ‘alternative placement’, where by we are given the opportunity to find our own placement in an alternative educational environment. I chose KCS because the mission they have is one very close to my heart and I hoped to learn a lot more about how to integrate this in to classroom life when I graduate university and become a full time teacher. I’ve spent the past three weeks here at The Kids Cookery School and have had a wonderful time; we have had various groups in as well as a couple of birthday parties! In my time here I have assisted in the kitchen and teaching, this experience has been so fulfilling. Teaching children and watching them learn new skills as well as witnessing the excitement and pride they have when they eat something they have created has been a highlight! This experience has confirmed for me just how important teaching children about nutrition and healthy eating and indeed the skill of cooking is. Furthermore that not only is it an important life skill it can be so much fun! By introducing fun and colourful recipes that are low in salt and saturated fat allows the children to be excited about eating something they have created and that is healthy for them. All of the exciting and healthy recipes and ideas I have witnessed here at KCS will most defiantly be taken with me into my teaching career in the future.