Monday, 26 July 2010

Exciting New Stuff....

My, my… how exciting new stuff is! Here at KCS it’s been a week of new stuff to get all excited about - like this blog for example; this is our new space were we can tell you all about what’s happening at KCS, what lovely food we’ve been cooking and what’s coming up next. Then there’s our new Twitter account; KSC has just discovered the world of tweeting and hashtags and what fun it has been. You can follow us… @KidsCookerySch. We’re having lots of fun making friends with other people who care about making and eating good food and getting kids cooking. Then, to round things off we decided to see what that Mr. M. Zuckerberg had to offer and found ourselves on Facebook, so now we have a wonderful new facebook page all to ourselves where we’ll be posting lots of useful cookery advice and tips so if you find your self in a cookery quandary and need some help you can find us there, just search for The Kids Cookery School and there we’ll be!

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